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Unbeknownst to me at the time, the last porter recipe I picked out ended up being a “Brown Porter” (based on OG and other traits), which is not really the standard porter we craft-beer-drinking Americans are used to. I liked it fine for what it was, but I had wanted a deeper, more flavorful porter and thought I had screwed it up. So anyway, I’ve brewed another porter, ensuring this one is a “Robust Porter” per BJCP’s style guidelines. This one is based on BYO’s Jolly Roger Double Mocha Porter (found in Jan-Feb 2012 issue), with the only real changes being in the bittering hop variety and yeast type.

My New Kegerator!

It turned out to be pretty good! Dark and robust as I hoped, and balanced. I missed my final OG target of 1.016(?), which may contribute to the richness of the mouthfeel. At the end there’s bitter-roasty finish, which my wife and I like, though there might be a touch of astringency associated with it. Not sure if such a finish would get me docked in a BJCP evaluation or not, but it seems nice to me.

I kegged this in my brand new kegerator system: a Nostalgia kegerator kit which I modified (with way too much trouble) for a Cornelius keg. Nice to have a good beer on tap at home! Just in time for the April skies…

Darklands Robust Porter


Grain Bill:
8.0 lbs. light LME
0.25 lbs. Crystal 120
0.25 lbs. Crystal 150
0.25 lbs. Carafa Type II
0.25 lbs. 2-row black patent
0.5 lbs. kiln coffee malt
0.5 lbs. chocolate malt

Yeast: WLP001 California Ale (one vial in a 1.0L starter)

Hop Schedule (60 min boil per recipe*):
0.6 oz Chinook hops (17.6% alpha) for last 45 min.
1 oz. Willamette hops (5.6% alpha) for last 20 min.
1 oz. Willamette hops (5.6% alpha) for last 5 min.
*Why a 60 minute boil on an extract beer with a 45 min. hop duration?!

Gravity Schedule:
1.056 at pitch, 2-23-13
1.020 at kegging, 3-17-12

•Yeast started about 17 hours before pitch.
•This was my first extract brew with a wort chiller (immersion). Much better than the ice block thing.
•More on the Nostalgia kegerator thing later. It was a good deal but there are a few things to watch out for if you want to modify it.


No Pity Porter

I brewed a porter this time, based on a “Basic Porter” recipe from one of the local homebrew supply stores.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Off flavors do not seem to be a noticeable issue.  However, the beer has a slightly light-ish quality (color and mouthfeel and/or taste) for a porter.  I don’t know if it’s real or if it’s just me.  It could be that the recipe is for a brown porter instead of the black porters I’m more used to (recipe description does not specify).

The name is thanks to a cool label design a friend sent my way (thanks, Chris). PTFC!! Check it out:

Type: “Porter”

Brew Date: 4-7-12

Base Malt (Extract): 7.6 lbs. light malt extract

Steeping Grains: 1 lb Crystal 10L, 0.25 lbs. Chocolate, 0.25 lbs. Black Malt

Yeast: White Labs WLP011 European Ale

Hops: Willamette at 5.6 alpha

Hop Schedule:

  • 0.5 oz. for all 60 min
  • 0.5 oz. for last 10 min
  • 0.75 oz. at 0 min

Additional Additives: 3/4 tsp. Irish Moss for last 45 min of boil

Gravity Schedule:

  • 1.053 at pitch 4-7-12, noon-ish (matched recipe)
  • Unknown at secondary racking (hydromicide), 4-14-12
  • 1.015 on 4-29-12 (recipe estimated 1.012)

Estimated ABV: 4.98%

Bottling Notes: 1 cup corn sugar


  • That’s right, I broke another hydrometer somehow.  I’m three for three.  I bought another replacement, this time a better one from a different place.  It looks a lot thicker at the bottom, where my other ones inevitably cracked.

Other Notes:

  • Recipe called for all Goldings hops, but these were unavailable.  Instead, I used Willamette as it’s a recommended substitute (and the standby on my list that had the closest alpha acid value). I added the hops at the same schedule as the recipe, but the 0 minute addition called for 0.5 oz. instead of 0.75 oz.  I had more hops than I needed, and my sense of smell isn’t so keen sometimes, so I thought I’d kick up the hop aroma a bit.  Though I’m trying not to overhop any styles (yet), I feel an extra kick of aroma hops won’t sully the purity of the style.
  • I forgot to write down the alpha acid number for the Willamette hops I used, but it was in the 5-6% range (I’m pretty sure it was 5.6%).
  • It was a beautiful and warm day for (see my previous post about this), but this made for a slow cool-down time to reach pitching temp.  Next time I should stick the bucket in an ice bath in my sink (or invest in a wort chiller?).
  • With ice and cold make-up water, I ended up right at 5 gallons, but I added a liquid yeast starter of about 1 liter.  I came  in a little high on the liquid mark – even though it was a simple “beer” of a sort, I wonder if it contributed to the lighter nature of the mouthfeel.
  • If the Timbers had kept up on their crappy streak and didn’t win last weekend I was going to have a hard time sticking with the name.  Might’ve had to consider something like ‘Pity-Ful Porter’.  As it is, at least we can say we’re ahead of the Galaxy.

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