F+ Beer

Adventures in Homebrewing and All Things Hoppy

About Me

My name is Nick.  I think a lot of stuff is really cool and interesting, including beer.  I often thought about brewing, but a couple of things held me back:

  1. I live in the Pacific Northwest (Portland area, no less).  Therefore, about 60% of the people around me at any given time are probably beer brewers.  Brewing is not the most original pastime activity around here, and by choosing to pursue it, I instantly become one of the worst of many, many, many brewers in my state.
  2. If I pursue brewing, I don’t want to half-ass it.  I wouldn’t likely want to mess with bottling for very long, and I feared that I wouldn’t feel like a 100% true brewer until I move to all-grain.  Therefore, to plan on doing it ‘right’, I was looking at a pretty decent-sized capital equipment investment (furthermore, I’m trying to cut down on the material crap I accumulate).

After hemming and hawing about it for too long, I decided, “What the hell.”   You gotta start somewhere, right?


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