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Stir Plate Project: Progress Photos

I decided to make a stir plate for my yeast starters.  You can buy a finished stir plate or stir plate kit, but a make-your-own stir plate is a popular project with many home brewers.  I thought it sounded like fun.  Like many before me, I used an old computer fan for the stir motor and a magnet from a hard drive.  Power adapter is courtesy of an old hair dyer cord. I got an on/off switch and potentiometer from Radioshack.  For the enclosure, plastic “project boxes” are cheap at Radioshack, or you can use anything around the house — cigar box, you kid’s art project from last year, a shoe — but I wanted it to look kind of cool, so I went snooping around the nearby Goodwill Store.  I found a little jewelry box that looked to be about the right size.  I took it home and sanded off the 70’s laquer job, with the plan to do a nice two-tone paint job.  Below are some record photos of the project.


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